Data Management

Data Management


In this day and age, data is a vital commodity that every organisation must manage well.

With R7, we have proven solutions for all your data management needs, from storage, retrieval,conversion and protection.

Our in house experts are at hand to ensure all your requirements are met and fulfilled at every level.

How it works?

  • The objective is to help an organization safe keep their important documentation while providing accessibility, for both business operations and compliance audits.
  • Managing records of an organization throughout their life cycle – from the time they are created to disposal
  • Example of records: hardcopy confidential and non-confidential documents, computer hard-disk, compact disk/DVDs, medical records & etc
  • Records are managed according to the retention schedule. Once the life of a record has been satisfied according to its pre – determined person and there are no legal holds pending – it is authorised for final disposition – destruction, transfer & permanent preservation

Pet Relocation



Pet Relocation can be a complicated process for those who are not familiar with the procedures involved.

It requires an extensive knowledge of both import and export regulations, restrictions, etc.

To help ease the process, R7 Movers will provide comprehensive assistance in ensuring all travel arrangements, formalities, procedures are adhered based on domestic and international regulations.

R7 also provides special transportation arrangements locally, so that your pets are well taken care of.



Accidents can sometimes occur during a relocation process; resulting in the damage or disappearance of valuable items. Although unexpected circumstances cannot be prevented, a marine insurance coverage can help ease the burden.

Provided by R7 Mover’s trusted panel insurance underwriters, the cost of the insurance package ranges from 1-2% of the total value or the sum insured.

Make your relocation process as stress-free as possible with R7 Movers.

Logistics & Shipping

Logistics & Shipping

R7 offers a wide range of logistics solutions for corporate clients. This includes both short and long terms arrangements, depending on the tailored distribution requirement and cargo specification. R7’s expert distribution and supply-chain management team ensures cargo are handled in a secure and timely manner from point-to-point of distribution. Clients can also be notified about the status and location of their cargo at all times with R7’s on-board GPS tracking system.


Logistics Services

  • Heavy Machinery Shipping & Relocation
  • Factory/Manufacturing Plant Relocation
  • Freight Forwarding & Custom Brokerage
  • Cargo Shipping via Seafreight & Airfreight
  • Exhibition Logistics
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • E-commerce Fulfilment Logistics

Fine Arts

Fine Arts


The handling of fine art pieces and antiques requires a certain level of skill and care, more so if you’re planning to relocate those said items. At R7 Movers, your valuable items will be handled and transported with utmost care by a vastly experienced operational team.

There’s a reason why they’re called “Fine” Arts

At R7, we’re in the business of caring. Caring about our credibility. Caring about our own team. Caring about our customers. And most importantly, caring about what our customers care about. Whether it’s that old coffee table that’s been handed down for generations in the family, or its a rustic painting that you found years ago in some quaint corner of Italy; R7 knows how to “move” what’s closest to your eyes and heart. We not only have the right techniques, tools, and processes here at R7 — we always go that extra mile to ensure that we take care of your “Fine” art artifacts as if they were ours.

Project Management & Consultation

Project Management &


R7’s team of skilled Project Managers (PM) will be on hand to ensure that every minute detail is taken care of throughout the execution process.

By taking the Agile Project Management approach, the PMs are adept at dealing with last minute changes and setbacks, thus ensuring that every project is carried out in a timely and seamless manner.

Each client will also be assigned a dedicated Relocation Consultant, regardless of the scale of the relocation project, to provide all the necessary information regarding the steps and procedures involved. R7’s governance on Move Management processes guarantees good control over the deployment of packing material and pre-move briefing sessions, trainings to the end users are carried out in accordance to standard procedures.

IT Relocation

PC/Server/Data Centre


At R7, we promise you a smooth and efficient IT Relocation process every step of the way.

Equipped with a team of experienced IT experts who are experienced in large scale Data Centre migration projects, you can rest assured that your day-to-day operations will not be affected.

Be it the relocation of servers, storage, network equipment, PCs or other IT assets, our team will not let you down.

Office Relocation



Our team at R7, goes to great lengths to ensure a safe, smooth, fast and affordable transition at every level of your move.

Let us work together as we put our years of experience and proven methods that emphasise Safety and Security to good use and minimise disruption to your business.

Try us and experience our top notch services first hand, just ask our ever growing list of clients that range from small to medium enterprises and large multinationals.

Our Expertise

  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Move Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Inventory Management
  • Migration Reports
  • Delivery & Quality Management
  • Post-Migration Support

Benefits of choosing us for your office move?

Why our services are just what you need?

  • Personalised Service from Start to End
  • Experienced Project Manager to Oversee Your Relocation
  • Diligent, Friendly & Careful Operational Team
  • Transparent & Affordable Pricing with No Hidden Cost
  • Fully Equipped with Tools & Manpower
  • Around the Clock Operations to Ensure your Business Runs as Usual

Why DIY is not suitable?

  • No systematic planning & guidance
  • No Expertise in Packing & Labeling
  • Loss of Business Productivity
  • Higher Overtime & Payroll
  • Accidental Damages

International Relocation

Your Trusted

International Movers

As a core member of International Association of Movers (IAM) and strong network affiliation with International relocation partners in nearly 170 countries globally, we are governed and committed to delivering world-class services in accordance to global relocation standards.

At R7, we take our business seriously by ensuring the clients gets nothing but the best of hassle-free and door-to-door services. One thing that sets us apart from other competitors is our personalized services where we handle every element of consultation, documentations, procedures and formalities on client’s behalf from start till the time the client receives the valuable items at their doorsteps.

Why choose R7?

  • Committed to delivering world-class services in accordance to global relocation standards
  • Core member of International Association of Movers (IAM)
  • Strong network affiliation with relocation partners in nearly 170 countries globally
  • Insurance coverage for shipment in-transit
  • Hassle-free moving experience
  • No frills, no hidden charges, fixed rates
  • We are your single point-of-contact from start to end

Accreditations & Industry Affiliations

Domestic House Move


Household Relocation

The relocation of household furniture and items to a new place can often take up to several weeks if done without the help of professional movers. Furthermore, there is also a probability that the items might be damaged during the relocation process.

Common Issues with self-moving

  • Trouble sourcing for discarded/used boxes
  • Spending valuable time packing
  • Incorrect method of dismantling & fixing of household items
  • No proper inventory & labeling of household items
  • Encounter unnecessary damages to glassware/fragile items
    upon arrival and etc…

How we Can Assist you?

Step 1 (Pack)

Under regular circumstances, packing and dismantling is done 1 day prior to relocation. Premium grade new boxes and all packing supplies will be provided as part of the moving package. An inventory list will be prepared, with all household items properly labelled.

Step 2 (Move)

The most suitable moving truck will be deployed based on the client’s load of household items. The loading and unloading of the items at the requested destination will be done by a highly skilled operational team. It is a guarantee that all items will be handled with utmost care.

Step 3 (Fix & Arrange)

Upon arrival at the destination, the operations team will arrange and assemble all the household items as per the request of the client. R7’s team of movers are highly trained and will help ensure that your new place feels like home.